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The variety of products is enormous and a firework display for the eyes. Just great.

Annelie K.

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Glass art with a special quality and uniqueness. Only recommended.

Christian M.

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The ordered goods and a small gift were included. That's what I call service.

Sabine H.

Shopping in the online shop

The area in the Harz is incredibly beautiful. I was completely satisfied with the service.

Katrin H.

Buyers and visitors to the glass factory

First the visit to the factory and then the purchase in the online shop. I'm very satisfied.

Jörg S.

Shopping in the online shop

A very nice visit and so diverse. Really great.

Brigitte B.

Visitors to the glass factory

Glass factory resin crystal

The HARZKRISTALL glass manufacture in Derenburg is one of the last active glassworks in Germany. Here experience, adventure, relaxation, fun and culinary enjoyment are combined in one place. In the demonstration workshop we offer exciting impressions of manual glass production and various creative offerings give you the unique opportunity to work with glass yourself. As part of the Gerhard Bürger Foundation, we preserve the traditional craft of glassmaking and our production site in the Harz Mountains.