Discover our products in the decoration & living area

Discover our products in the decoration & living area

Immerse yourself in a world full of creativity and let our products inspire you to transform your home into an oasis of well-being. With us you will find everything you need to give your living space that special something. Enjoy shopping!

Vase Fifties

Simple yet elegant – Fifties series straight from the glass factory. Made from crystal glass in the Harzkristall glass factory, the vase is first covered with white opal glass and then with colored glass. It is then blown into shape using a glassmaker's pipe. The edge of the vase is sanded.

Vase Luise

Each vase in this beautiful Luise series is guaranteed to be unique. The free-formed folds make each handmade piece unique - no two vases are the same. The folds in the vase give the flowers room to unfold and create a great fanning look for your bouquet.

The Marie series

This mouth-blown series impresses with its high level of craftsmanship and exceptional aesthetics. A special feature is the thick layer of glass, also known as ice. If you pour a drink into the narrow goblet, it literally seems to float in the glass. Christine Klauder, a graduate of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Hall, developed the design of the series for the Harzkristall glass manufacturer.

Table lights

Brightly beautiful – our colorful spotted table lights straight from the factory. Whether subtle white or bright orange as the base color, the table light brings radiant brightness into your ambience. Our table light is ideal as a decoration for relaxed evenings on the sofa or warm summer nights on the terrace.

Orchid sticks

Our glass artists handcrafted our kingfisher and Carlotta the bee out of glass with great attention to detail and a lot of craftsmanship - suitable for your orchid! A little bee named Carlotta lives with her friend the kingfisher in the fragrant flower meadows of the summer garden.

cottage sparrow

Immerse yourself in the fascinating beauty of our unique hut sparrow Erich, who shines in colorful, shimmering colors. The Hüttenspatz made of glass is the result of a harmonious fusion of centuries-old tradition and modern design.

Tradition and craftsmanship

Our products are mouth-blown in front of the oven at 1,200°C by glassmakers following a tradition dating back over 150 years.