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Experience the splendor of bygone times with this unique baroque glass from Wernigerode Castle.

Live engraving by Micheal Westphal

After three years of training, Michael Westphal successfully passed the journeyman's examination as a glass engraver in 1972, which was followed by the master's examination in 1995. Two years later he founded his own sales workshop, which he ran for 18 years and was able to create many beautiful pieces of glass art during this time. Michael Westphal's works not only show his artistic passion, but also contribute to the preservation of this traditional craft. Since then he has also been a regular guest at the Harzkristall glass factory. And you have the option of having a product engraved of your choice.





Im Harz produziert

From the Harz

Teil der Gerhard Bürger Stiftung

Tradition with a future

Tradition and craftsmanship

Our products are mouth-blown in front of the oven at 1,200°C by glassmakers following a tradition dating back over 150 years.