Our limited glass art at a glance

Our limited glass art at a glance

Our glass art is unique and incomparable because every single piece is made by hand.

Bodetal and Harlequin quill pen

Our beautiful Harlequin pen was made for you directly in our show workshop and is truly unique. In several steps, this pen holder achieves a special hold in the hand. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, you can enjoy exceptionally long and scratch-free writing. After dipping the nib into our high-quality ink, it stays in the grooves of the tip and flows evenly onto the paper as you continue writing.

Penholder bench and inkwell

Don't you want to always leave your pen on your desk? Without proper attachment, the nib can quickly start to roll or even fall off the table. For this reason, we manufacture our pen holder benches for you directly in our show workshop. Our high-quality ink is ideal for creating gift cards, photo albums or even personal lettering, which you can design yourself using our nibs. With our blue inkwell you can design unique pieces that you will remember for a long time.

The seventh son

The 7th Son of the 7th Son has supernatural healing powers and is able to see the future. A mythological figure who combines all paranormal abilities - mysticism, reincarnation, the afterlife, the work of Alister Crowley, supernatural phenomena and divination.

The Gambler

The elegant, reduced shape of the body and the Spartan decoration take the viewer back to a time when great value was placed on elegance and amusement. The seat of the top hat and the cigarette holder in the corner of the mouth suggest the typical player and bon vivant of the time.

Lifting figure devil couple

The devil, together with the witch, is a typical symbol for the Harz region. Schönherr based himself on this symbol and created a pair of devils made of glass. What is particularly striking is the fine workmanship and artistic performance. Perfect as a gift or as a souvenir of the resin and craftsmanship from the glass factory.

Tradition and craftsmanship

Our products are mouth-blown in front of the oven at 1,200°C by glassmakers following a tradition dating back over 150 years.