Pendant light Tropfen

The “Tropfen” designer pendant light is reminiscent of a pearl of water that is about to break the surface tension beneath it with a touch. Like a work of art, this unique lamp gives the room a stylish atmosphere that is effective even when it is switched off and its illumination subtly floods the room in all its splendor.

Pendant light Rund um Wernigerode

The “Rund um Wernigerode” pendant light impresses with its perfectly geometric shape, whose spherical appearance may initially remind you of a ball or balloon. But if you take a closer look at the designer lamp, a completely different association comes to the fore: the pendant lamp symbolizes planets. The radiant light source that each pendant lamp houses also symbolizes the core through which celestial bodies, from giant to dwarf planets, came into being.

Pendant light Fifties

Everyone knows the typical retro look. Old radios, chic outfits, rockabilly hairstyles – ideally everything with a slight sepia tone. While the 50s had a lot to offer, one element in particular stood out to us: design. Furniture, rooms, pictures and products – everything had its own unique style. Even Apple had its design roots in the 50s thanks to Dieter Rams. And it is precisely this style, this attitude to life and this nostalgia that we are reviving with our designer pendant light “Fifties”.

Pendant light Doppelkugel Berlin

Using the Paul Löbe House as inspiration, where the Bundestag canteen is located, our designers captured the facets of the city of Berlin and developed the “Doppelkugel Berlin” pendant light. As the name suggests, the unique glass work of art is not just a simply covered light source, but also has double glazing, which could hardly underline its individualistic character and historical reference better. Just like the designer Jorge Pardo.

Pendant light Bode

With the “Bode” pendant light, you don’t just buy a designer lamp for your home – you get the heart of the Harz directly into your own four walls and can feel the deep connection to local nature every time you look at it. Due to her fame in professional circles, graduate designer Annika Giesbert was commissioned to create the “Bode” pendant light.

Pendant light Birnentropfen

With the “Birnentropfen” pendant light you don’t just get a piece of nature. In its four versions, the lamp is more of a symbol of the connection to the Harz and the surrounding area. The soft light enhances every room and envelops it in a perfectly calculated play of colors, which is given an organic irregularity by isolated air pockets that perfectly complements the atmosphere.

Tradition and craftsmanship

Our products are mouth-blown in front of the oven at 1,200°C by glassmakers following a tradition dating back over 150 years.